Martial Arts Club - Martial Arts Club

Martial Arts Club began operating in year 2005. This means that we have almost ten years of experience in coaching martial arts. By creating a club we aim to enable all peaople interested in some martial arts training, as well as promoting awareness of these sports. I as a person who has been training martial arts for many years, we can provide you with the perfect conditions to develope your skills. We currently offer the opportunity to train such disciplines as MMA, Krav Maga, Sambo and Grappling.


We pay special attention to the fact that our contastants have not only mastered specific martial arts, but also know when they can use their skills. Our previous work has been recognized with several prizes and distinctions. Many successes were also achieved by our athletes who have decided to confront their skills in competitions. We place great emphasis on this, to create a friendly atmosphere during trainings and teach contastants the principles of fair play competition.


Our club allows to practice martial arts to people of all ages. In the case of teenagers, however, we require the consent of a legal guardian. We invite to train both beginners and those who already know the basics of selected martial arts. The club training sessions are not only for men but also for women, among which martial arts are gaining more and more popularity now. We invite all those who want to improve their fitness, to take care of their own safety, develope their passion or simply to enjoy their free time.