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How to prepare for training?

Sports training effects depend to a large extent on a proper preparation to them. The same holds true for the martial arts.

Of particular importance is the right outfit. It should be selected lightweight on the training, non-binding motions clothing. It is essential to wear comfortable athletic shoes. People with longer hair must also remember bound them in such a way as to not caused a problem during training. Immediately before the training are also advised to avoid eating. Keep at least a one-hour break between eating and start training. However, you can take pre-workout nutrient or dietary supplement that provide more power during exercises. For each workout you should bring something to drink, preferably non-carbonated mineral water or isotonic drink. In this way you can avoid dewatering, and also replenish electrolytes. You should also bring a towel, so you would be able to remove the sweat from his forehead if neccessary.


A very important part of the preparations for martial arts training is also a good warm-up. In our club every person learns how it should be proceed, with the support of an experienced trainer. Thanks to it can avoid many injuries, and most of all muscle strain, which is a common consequence of improper heat-up. If you have any doubts related to the preparation for training, you can ask the advice of one of the instructors of our club.