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What martial arts can you train with us

Each martial arts enthusiast realizes that among them can point out a number of different sports. In our club it is possible to practice martial arts such as Krav Maga, Sambo, Grappling and MMA. Surely it would make sense to look at them a little closer.


Edge Maga is an Israeli fighting system will present and self-defense that was developed in the thirties of the last century. It is characterized by high efficiency and ease of assimilation. The technique is based on the natural self-defense reflexes, which are perfectly during training.


Sambo is another martial arts that originated in the first half of the last century. This discipline comes from Russia, and combines a judo varieties of stocks coming from the territories of the former Soviet Union.


Next of our proposals is Grappling, which ia a fight for grabs. Techniques which are used here are such tricks as lifting, throws and stewing. Strokes are prohibited.


MMA, it hides from the name of Mixed Martial Arts, or Mixed Martial Arts. In this discipline the contestants have the option of use all the tricks that are available in modern martial arts. Prohibited are only those techniques that pose a great danger for the contestant.


Each of these disciplines has many supporters. Before choosing one of them worth looking into workouts, so you can better understand what are the various martial arts and the benefits associated with their choice.