Martial Arts Club - Martial Arts Club

How to start training with us

In our club can train men and women of all ages, both those who are just starting their adventure with the fighting arts, as well as experienced contastants. All people interested in martial arts are invited to a personal or telephone contact with us.

Those wishing to start training must answer a few questions that relate to their age and ability. This allows us to allocate individual persons that are appropriate to their groups. Minors must provide us with written consent of the legal guardian to participate in training. Of course, it is also an indication of which discipline you are interested. In our club, you can practice martial arts such as MMA, Krav Maga, Sambo and Grappling. Those who are not able to immediately make a choice, they have the opportunity to see a few workouts. In this way it is easier to decide which disciplines would be best for a particular person. We also provide comprehensive answers to questions about the various martial arts.


The duty of each contestant is also to familiarize her- or himself with the rules in force in training and accept the Rules of the Club. It is a commitment to act in accordance with the recommendations of coaches and to respect the principles of fair competition. Before the start of training you must also pay the fee for the first month, what can be done at the headquarters of our club. In the case of any questions, please contact us by phone or email.